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Different Types of Trusts in New York | What to Know

The future is uncertain. For this reason, it is important to create a cohesive and comprehensive estate plan. This will allow you and your loved ones to face the future feeling safe and secure. One of the most important estate planning documents is a trust. Read on to learn more about trusts in New York. […]

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Estate Planning Overview | What You Need to Know

When beginning the estate planning process, it can be helpful to understand the different documents that may be involved in your estate plan. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular documents involved in the estate planning process What is a Will? A will is a document that allows you to declare […]

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What to Know About Pet Trusts in New York

For many people, a pet is a member of your family. Because of this, it is important to plan for your pet’s future, just as you would for your children or spouses. One way to do this is by creating a pet trust. Read on to learn more about pet trusts in New York. What […]

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Initial Consultation With an Estate Planning Attorney | What to Expect

Estate planning can be stressful, but being prepared for the process can make things feel less daunting. Read on to learn more about the best ways to prepare for an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney in New York. What Should I Consider Before Beginning the Process? When it comes to estate planning, there […]

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Do Baby Boomers Need to Plan Their Estates Differently?

Baby Boomers are those who were born between the years 1946 to 1964. Each generation leads a different lifestyle, and therefore, must plan for their estates differently. Read on to learn more about estate planning for Baby Boomers. Considerations for Baby Boomers If you are a Baby Boomer, you should be sure to consider the […]

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What Happens to my Assets in the Event of my Death?

It can be difficult to think about the future, but there are a number of important questions you will need to address. Read on to learn more about what happens to your assets in the event of your passing, and some of the most important estate planning documents you can create. What Happens to My […]

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Modifying/Terminating Trusts in New York | What to Know

Simply put, a trust is an agreement that provides a trustee with the authority to take care of the assets within it until the beneficiary inherits them. In this scenario, the individual who creates a trust is known as a trustor. The person who receives the assets within the trust is known as a beneficiary. […]

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Distributing Sentimental Assets in New York | What to Know

When creating an estate plan, you will have to determine what assets you want to leave to your loved ones. But, different assets should be distributed differently. For example, your sentimental assets, like photographs, letters, jewelry, etc., may need to be distributed differently than more monetarily valuable items. Read on to learn more. How are […]

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Updating an Estate Plan After a Divorce in New York

When a couple gets married, they join their lives together in a number of ways. One of these ways is likely through their estate plans. For example, it is likely that you have left a number of important assets to your spouse. You may have also named your spouse the executor of your will, and […]

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Does a Power of Attorney Have Unlimited Control?

It can be difficult to plan for the future, but it is important to do so. One good way to plan ahead is to create a power of attorney with the help of an estate planning lawyer. Read on to learn more about powers of attorney and how they can benefit you in the future. […]

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