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What is Intestate Succession in New York?

One of the hardest experiences a person can go through is losing a loved one. To make matters worse, there are various matters that must be handled soon after the fact as well. When a loved one dies without a valid will, it is known as dying intestate. In these situations, it can be worrisome […]

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What Do I Need to Know About Revocable Trusts in New York?

There are many options available for people who wish to create an estate plan. This can include setting up a trust. Doing so can protect their wealth from taxes to pass on as much as they can to a designated beneficiary. This is possible by appointing a third-party trustee to manage the individual’s assets on […]

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What are Important Estate and Tax Planning Tips to Know?

Tax season is upon us, which means it is important to consider the tax implications that come with your estate plan. Educating yourself on these topics can benefit you in many ways before the end of the fiscal year. In doing so, consider the following estate and tax planning tips: Bunching Charitable Gifts for Income […]

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How Do I Appoint a Guardian in My Estate Plan?

Throughout life, people often face many unexpected situations that can cause different problems. This may be if you are not around and need another person to take care of your loved ones or belongings. That is why it is important to be prepared and have an estate plan in place that outlines how to deal […]

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