Can I Write My Own Will in New York State?

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You may consider planning your estate a private matter. After all, you may be disclosing your entire financial portfolio, all while expressing your wishes for a time when you are no longer around. With this, you may not want to discuss these personal affairs with anyone, not even an attorney with a trustworthy reputation. For these reasons alone, you may be strongly considering writing your last will and testament independently. Follow along to find out whether it is possible to write your own will and how a proficient Putnam County wills attorney at the Law Office of Andres D. Gil, PLLC can offer any legal assistance you may eventually need.

Is it possible to write my own will in New York State?

To simplify the matter, it is indeed legally possible to write your own last will and testament in New York State. After all, several online tools at your disposal work to streamline the independent writing of your will. However, this is not to say that you should keep your will writing entirely private.

For example, it is in your best interest to inform the individual whom you wish to name as the executor of your estate in your will. This is because this is a serious responsibility, so you should confirm whether they are both able and willing to take it on in the first place. Secondly, it is recommended that you inform your family members about the existence of your will and where to locate it. This is because they must be able to supply this document to the probate court for your wishes to override New York’s intestacy succession laws.

What assistance do I require to execute my will in New York State?

To reiterate, you cannot be completely alone when establishing your last will and testament. For one, New York State law requires that you have at least two witnesses present when you sign your will. In turn, these witnesses must also sign your will within 30 days of witnessing your signature. Also worth mentioning, you may need the presence of a notary if you wish to make your will “self-proving” in New York probate court.

Above all else, we strongly encourage that you retain legal assistance from a wills attorney. This is because an attorney can work to ensure that the following are executed:

  • An attorney may assist you in meeting the requirements for will writing by New York law.
  • An attorney may assist you in deciding which assets and beneficiaries to include in your will.
  • An attorney may assist you in storing your will safely after it is written and signed.
  • An attorney may assist you in effectively revoking or changing your will when deemed necessary.

The best way to ensure the validity of your estate plan is to retain the services of a talented Putnam County estate planning attorney. So do not hesitate to get in touch with the Law Office of Andres D. Gil, PLLC today.

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