Where Should Store a Will?

create and store a will

If you’ve taken the steps to create a will, you should feel peace of mind about the future. This document can help protect and provide for your loved ones after your passing. This document dictates who your beneficiaries are and what you would like them to receive from your estate. However, ensuring you can take the time to store a will properly after creating it is crucial. When you need assistance creating a will, ensuring you contact a Putnam County wills attorney is vital.

Why Is It Important to Store a Will in a Safe Location?

A will is one of, if not the most, essential estate planning documents to create. Without a will, your estate will enter intestacy. This means the state will take over the distribution of your estate and assets, according to their line of succession. In New York, this is your spouse, children, parents, and siblings. Depending on your relationships, this means people may inherit assets you do not want them to have.

Even if you create a will, your estate must be able to produce the original document for the court to honor it. If it is damaged, lost, or inaccessible, the court will most likely not be able to honor it. Ensuring you store a will in a safe location ensures that the court will follow your wishes for the distribution of your estate upon your passing.

Where Are the Best Locations?

After you create your will, securing it in a safe location is crucial. Luckily, there are different options to help preserve the document.

One of the most recommended locations is in your home, as it allows you to have full control over the document. However, you shouldn’t keep it pinned to the bulletin board or in a filing cabinet. Investing in a fire and waterproof lockbox is a great way to ensure that your document is safe from the elements or theft. However, you should inform someone trusted of the box’s location and where you keep the keys should you pass away.

If you are uncomfortable keeping your will in your home, there are offsite locations you can choose instead. For example, you can store the will in a secure bank lockbox for a fee. Similarly, your attorney may offer services that allow you to leave the original copy of your estate plan in their office for safekeeping. This is a great option, as it makes it easier for your family to get your will after you pass as they know where it’s located.

When you’re ready to create a will, the Law Office of Andres D. Gill, PLLC is ready to help. We have the experience you need to guide you through the process to provide the necessary peace of mind for your future. Contact us today to start planning your estate.

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