What Should I Know About Meeting With a New York Estate Planning Attorney?

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Throughout a person’s lifetime, they tend to acquire a great deal of assets. They can be significant, such as properties, or simple sentimental belongings. It is important that these are taken care of property through an estate plan. When creating an estate plan, it can be beneficial to enlist the help of an experienced New York estate planning attorney. Continue reading to learn more about what to know about a first meeting with an attorney.

Should I Create an Estate Plan Myself?

Anyone can create an estate plan on their own. The help of an attorney is not required. Any form of an estate plan is better to have than nothing, as it provides some guidance regarding the wishes they have for their estate. However, it is almost always better to have the help of an attorney. This is because they can navigate the process and create an estate plan that best aligns with the wishes you have for the future of your estate. 

Does My Spouse Need to Come to the Meeting With Me?

Spouses are not required to attend a meeting with an estate planning attorney together. While this is true, it can be very helpful if they do. In most cases, spouses have the same desires as one another about how they want their estate to be handled and distributed in the event of their deaths. However, there are other cases in which spouses may have separate goals they want included in their plan. That is why both parties can benefit from representing themselves during the meeting with their estate planning attorney.

What Should I Bring to the Consultation?

It is important to be prepared when meeting with an estate planning attorney so that they can guide you through the process properly. While this does not necessarily mean gathering certain documents, it can involve mentally preparing yourself. This involves knowing the answers to the following matters:

  • Who you would like to inherit your assets and belongings
  • If you have any children that are minors, who you would like to raise them, etc.
  • The different kinds of property you own
  • Who you want to be in charge of carrying out your wishes

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