What is the Role of a Personal Representative in New York?

There are several responsibilities a personal representative has. To learn more about what they are, keep reading and reach out to our skilled New York estate planning attorneys at the Law Office of Andres D. Gil, PLLC today.

What role does a personal representative play in New York?

The role of a personal representative is a strong one. There are several responsibilities that do not begin until the estate owner passes away. Some of the many responsibilities of a personal representative includes the following:

  • To begin, your personal representative must file your will with the Register of Wills. Also, if the will has to go through probate or it does not, it will always need to be done in the county where you lived.
  • Your representative must also file a petition for probate with the Orphans’ Court if it applies to you.
  • Your representative must announce in the local newspaper, telling anyone who has a claim to make against you to do so immediately.
  • Your representative will also have to perform a record of all your beneficiaries, assets, and any other remaining creditors.
  • He or she must also take an inventory that incorporates the assets and their assessed values.
  • He or she will need to make sure that all outstanding federal, state, and estate taxes are filed.
  • Your representative will need to distribute all assets to beneficiaries noted in your will.
  • Your representative must handle any debated topics regarding asset allocation.
  • Finally, he or she will file a Certificate of Compliance to close your estate.

If you would like to learn more about the responsibilities of a personal representative, do not wait to contact our experienced legal team. Our skilled estate planning attorneys will be able to walk you through any unknown steps of this process. We are just one call away.

Who should I pick to be my personal representative?

It is important to note that a personal representative is liable for a number of different responsibilities, so you will want to ensure that you are properly choosing yours. You will want to choose someone that is not only trustworthy but also someone who will be reliable, even during a time where they are grieving your loss. In most cases, an individual will assign this role to a close friend, family member, or life partner.

Retain the services of a skilled New York estate planning attorney to learn more about how you can choose a personal representative. Our legal team is here to help, just give us a call.

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