How Has Estate Planning Been Impacted by the Coronavirus?

While people usually do not want to think about creating an estate plan, it is always important to be prepared for your future. This is especially so in recent times under the Coronavirus pandemic. No one is able to predict what may happen tomorrow, which is why a plan should be in place for your assets and loved ones. While the living circumstances we are under during the pandemic can make the estate planning process more complicated, it can still be done in certain ways. Continue reading below and contact a New York estate planning attorney to learn more. 

Signing Estate Planning Documents

Many estate planning documents need to be notarized so that they are considered legally binding. Due to the fact that non-essential businesses are temporarily closed in New York, notary publics are not available to have these documents signed and witnessed. It is because of this that Governor Cuomo issued an executive order allowing documents to be notarized virtually. The process must meet the following guidelines:

  • The person seeking the Notary’s services must present valid photo ID to the Notary during the video conference
  • The video conference must allow for direct interaction between the person and the Notary
  • The person must affirmatively represent that he or she is physically situated in the state of New York
  • The person must transmit by fax or electronic means a legible copy of the signed document directly to the Notary on the same date it was signed
  • The Notary may notarize the transmitted copy of the document and transmit the same back to the person
  • The Notary may repeat the notarization of the original signed document as of the date of the execution provided the Notary receives such original signed document together with the electronically notarized copy within thirty days after the date of execution

How Can I Review my Documents?

While in-person meetings are currently prohibited due to stay-at-home orders, technology has changed the way we can handle this process. In the event that you wish to review the documents within your estate plan, virtual conferences or phone calls can be scheduled to discuss them. In addition to this, if you wish to have them sent to you, this can be done by mail or email.

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